This post shows you how to extend filesystem partition for Ubuntu 20.04 VM using Gnome Disks . Vmware workstation is used as example for this tutorial.

Please be noted backup your data is advised before resize partition.

1.Shut down your Ubuntu Vm

2.Extend disk capacity for your VM in VMware

  • select your VM then click Edit virtual machine settings

  • click Hard Disk

  • click Expand

  • change disk size for you vm

3.Power on you VM

4. Open Gnome Disks from “Activities”

5.Extend size for extended partition first

An extended partition is partition that can be divided into additional logical partitions , here I only have one logical partition which is “/” or root. Only after resizing extended partition then we are able to resize logical partition(s)

Here we can see there are 5GB free space there.

  1. select Extended partition

  2. click gear button then Resize

3.Resize extended partition by dragging the button

6.Extend specific partition

Similarly , follow below steps to extend filesystem partition for you Ubuntu

  1. Select the partition you want to extend

    j@ubuntu:~$ df -h /
    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda5        24G  7.0G   16G  31% /

    I’m extend root partition , so I choose Filesystem Partition 5

  2. Click the gear button then resize

  3. Resize partition size to proper size


Now I have showed you how to extend filesystem partition for Ubuntu 20.04 Vmware virtual machine by use Gnome Disks utility.

But for Ubuntu server there is no DE like Gnome installed , so next post will be How to extend ubuntu partition in command line.