I’m using the latest them twenty twenty for one of my blog , I realy like this theme, but one thing is the content width is a little small.Below is the steps how I enlarge the width of content . I ‘m not an expert of css ,if you have better ways to do this please comment.

1.Open your wordpress admin page , then go to Appearance —Theme Editor –click style.css , copy below lines

@media only screen and (min-width: 822px) {

	:root {
		--responsive--aligndefault-width: min(calc(100vw - 8 * var(--global--spacing-horizontal)), 610px);
		--responsive--alignwide-width: min(calc(100vw - 8 * var(--global--spacing-horizontal)), 1240px);

2.Go to Appearance –Customize — additional css ,and paste the copied lines there.

3.Now you can change to value of –responsive–aligndefault-width to enlarge the width of content .Below is the screenshot of changing from 610px to 1240px.